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Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes.Co.,Ltd.founded in October 2002, is the famous steel wire rope electric hoist manufacturers and service providers, China headquarters is located in the scenic tourist city - hangzhou fuyang. Company since its inception, constantly introducing new technology, new technology, research and development of new products, develop the useful series of wire rope electric hoist, withstood the severe test environment, whether in factories, warehouses, electric power, steel, cement, paper making, mining areas, or in the field of modern logistics, military manufacturing, product quality and technical performance are always stay with the international synchronization. Design and development of ZHz metallurgical electric hoist filled the domestic blank, among them "overspeed protection brake lifting equipment" is a domestic invention patent. In the field of design and manufacture of wire rope electric hoist, hangzhou zhejiang up machinery co., LTD. Is the leader of the industry, products are exported to Europe, southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.
Useful series wire rope electric hoist is in the introduction of Germany advanced manufacturing technology on the basis of the electric hoist, to research and development of new type wire rope electric hoist. It adopts square enclosure structure, motor, planetary gear reducer, electrical device into a straight line layout, speed reducer in drum, especially modular design, can realize frequency conversion system, automatic test system, the seamless connection of automatic weighing system, easy for high and low speed drive, high volume raise up, automatically run unattended.
Company factory covers an area of 20000 m2, of which the main factory building area of 14000 m2, mainly divides into: structure workshop, metalworking workshop, sheet metal workshop, assembling workshop, paint workshop and warehouse, etc. Office premises with the production department, technical quality department, comprehensive department, meeting and room, dining room, a message, sufficient conditions of production and office. The company has various types of processing equipment, 38, and perfect test equipment for wire rope electric hoist, can fully meet the needs of the production and testing.
The company in line with strives for the survival by the product, to the quality strives for the development of the management policy, with eight principles of quality management as the guiding ideology, to keep pace with The Times, is willing to speed up the modernization construction of the motherland contribute their strength.


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